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Seeing Light

I find myself mesmerized by the little gifts that show up on my porch or in my yard.  Artifacts of life that are ever present but often overlooked. I began collecting these treasures and taking a much closer look at them. The evaluation process continued to delve deeper as I got closer and closer via a flatbed scanner as camera. The images reflect this inspection; the pause in the hustle of the daily grind to stop and discover. Chromoskedasic is Greek for “color by light scattering”.  The Chromoskedasic Sabatier printing method produces a full spectrum of colors through chemical and light reaction. The process is difficult to control or reproduce and I’ve found it to be liberating in that it encourages play and experimentation. By combining these two elements, I can craft a unique print that expresses the wonder and delight of seeing the little things, making art, and adding levity to my creative practice.

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